Kristy Marie is an excellent Massage Therapist. She has this amazing way of listening to where your body needs attention and knows just how much pressure to apply and what technique to use. Other massage therapists I have seen over the years haven’t even come close to how great my experience was with Kristy. Whether you are new to massage and wondering about how it can benefit your life, or you are looking for someone new to try, call Kristy Marie and let her hands speak for themselves!
Alicia Lokke- Duluth, MN

As soon as I met with Kristy Marie I was impressed with her healing energy and ability to tune into my body’s specific needs. She masterfully creates a safe and tranquil space where I can simply let go and allow her to access my deepest areas of tension. My confidence in Kristy’s unique style has greatly increased since I’ve started seeing her for prenatal massage. Whenever I am in Kristy’s care, she focuses all of her energy on healing my body and especially targets those areas that are most affected by my pregnancy. I always feel brand new after our appointments and I have grown to trust Kristy 100% with my body. I am grateful to be able to call her my healer, guardian and sister!!

Kristy Marie is a very skilled massage therapist. I have never experienced a massage as therapeutic and thorough.
Dr.Andrew Lundgren
Lundgren Chiropractic

I am so grateful for the genuine care of Kristy Marie. When chronic pain or states of imbalance flare up, she is the first person I think of to call. With her skillfull hands and intuitive spirit, she has shown my whole being the way to strength and vibrancy. Thank you Kristy Marie!
Emily Hysjulien
Emily Heart Acupuncture