kristieAloha! I am Kristy Marie, thanks for being here. In short, I am a Massage Therapist, Mother, Music-Making, Enjoy-er of Life.
I have two beautiful children, Rowan Edward and Miirah Lena. We live in Duluth, Minnesota, and we love living here. The journey that has brought us all over this world, brings us back here to a long history of ancestry… going back some 150 years or more.
I studied Massage at the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, graduating in 2004. Many can imagine the beauty of going to school in such a luxurious place, but it has taken years for me to really absorb the amazing-ness of such an opportunity. In the Hawaiian culture, massage is really intertwined as a way of life… their philosophies and perspectives of well-being incorporate massage regularly. This very long line of massage lineage – fully embodied in a culture – was very much a fundamental core to my upbringing as a therapist. It has brought me to a place of doubtless belief in my profession and its benefits, with a vision of healing that shall persevere.
In my seven years of practicing massage, I have taken the opportunity to continually learn. I have attended extra curricular workshops, classes and have devoted my life to working together with the community in changing our health care system. I concluded that it is essential to learn about the community around me, what is offered, who specializes in what, so I have taken it upon myself to visit as many different practitioners as I can. This has enabled me to learn more fully what different modalities are around us here in the Twin Ports. By knowing more about what others do well, I have narrowed down my own niche, and am comfortable referring to others when I feel something else may help more. My ultimate goal is to help in aiding to the growth of a more preventive healthcare system; a system that emphasizes less invasive approaches first, before resorting to the biochemical and invasive methods of medications and surgeries.
My intuition is keen; I have learned to listen to the root cause of a person’s ability or inability to relax. I am as a guide, to help bring others to a more relaxed state, in a safe space.
I still love to travel; playing music brings me far. My family spreads around the world, I am grateful for my life and completely honored that I get to do the work that I do.